All in Podcast

Episode 24: Seng Luangrath + Lao Sticky Rice

While the food of Laos is underrepresented here in the West, you’d be surprised to learn that you may have actually already had Lao dishes, but thought they were Thai! Restauranteur and James Beard Award Semifinalist, Chef Seng Luangrath, joins Lynda and Iris in the studio to help us navigate the world of Lao cuisine and talk about sticky rice, a Lao staple food.

Episode 16: Chinese Tuxedo + Well-Traveled Chinese Food

Located in a former opera house on the historic Doyers Street of NYC’s Chinatown, Chinese Tuxedo is not your average Chinese restaurant. Co-owner Eddy Buckingham, and Executive Chef Paul Donnelly talk to Lynda and Iris about all the different cultural influences that they brought to New York and reinterpreted at this contemporary Chinese restaurant. Plus, learn about the story of Chinese food in Australia, where Eddy was raised, and how it differs to American Chinese cuisine.

Episode 14: Tim Ho Wan + Michelin-Starred Dim Sum

Tony Chan, General Manager of Tim Ho Wan, joins Lynda and Iris on the show to tell the story of Tim Ho Wan, which is known as the world’s most affordable Michelin-starred restaurant. They talk about the difference between dim sum culture in the East and West, what sets Tim Ho Wan apart, and the future of this traditional Cantonese cuisine.

Episode 12: MOCA + Chinese Food in America

The team from Museum of Chinese in America (MOCA) join Lynda and Iris in the studio to talk about their exhibit, “Sour, Sweet, Bitter, Spicy: Stories of Chinese Food and Identity in America”, which explores Chinese food in America through the personal stories of more than 30 Chinese and Asian American chefs.

Episode 11: Stephen Cheuk + The Health Benefits of Matcha

Stephen Cheuk, founder of S10 Training and co-founder of House of Matcha, is very passionate about the health benefits of matcha. He joins Lynda and Iris in the studio this week to tell his story of how he discovered this Japanese tea, talk about how he came to launch a matcha brand, and tell us why making a daily habit of drinking matcha could improve your life.

Episode 10: Chef Yo of Pinto Garden + Thai Breakfast

In Feast Meets West’s first installment of the “Asian Breakfast Series”, Lynda and Iris discuss why Asian breakfast hasn’t quite yet taken off in the US. Chef Yo of seasonal Thai restaurant, Pinto Garden, joins them in the studio to shed some light on what breakfast looks like in Thailand, and to talk about Pinto Garden’s new Thai-inspired brunch menu.

Episode 9: YUJI Ramen + The Evolution of Ramen

Lynda and Iris interview JT Vuong and George Padilla of YUJI Ramen, a restaurant in Williamsburg, Brooklyn with a mission to introduce new variations of Japanese ramen to the United States. They trace the milestones that brought ramen from its origins to its current status as a dish with a cult following, and discuss how ramen will continue to evolve in the international culinary scene.