Feast Meets West is a podcast that talks about Asian food trends - tracing their origin stories, how they have crossed oceans to become famous in the West, and the varied cultural perceptions of each food item. Reporting from the 852 and the 212.

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Your Hosts

Lynda and Iris met during the wonder years in HK and have been besties ever since.


Lynda has been living in NYC for the past 12 years. She works in marketing + tech, and spends her free time reading food blogs, restaurant reviews, cooking, eating out, and caving to every craving.

After living in NYC for a decade, Iris moved back to Hong Kong in 2013 to work full time in the Food & Beverage industry. On the rare instances she isn't working long hours nor drinking, you'll find her channeling her inner hippie with vegan smoothies and yoga.