Interview with Graham Fortgang of MatchaBar


Feast Meets West is releasing its first full-length interview! Instead of our usual episode format, this week we're sharing the entire interview we recorded with Graham Fortgang, CEO and Co-owner of the extremely popular MatchaBar in New York. You may remember him from our Matcha Madness episode.

Graham's passion for matcha is contagious. In this episode, he tells us more about the history of matcha, the health and mental benefits, as well as the story behind how he and his brother started their business.

"It's kind of funny how this holistic version of this tea that makes us feel good versus the society now in America which is, I need the science behind it, I'm not going to just trust how something makes you feel. And so that's something that of course we need to do because we live in America and that's what the society calls for and that's what the FDA as well calls for. But in our mind, it's like, drink the thing. If it makes you feel good, drink it again." - Graham Fortgang on matcha's rich history of health benefits in Asia and what happens when it comes to modern-day America.

We hope that you enjoy this interview and get to check out MatchaBar in NYC!

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