Quick-fire Q&A: Carson Yiu of Outer Borough

Carson Yiu, founder of Outer Borough, joined us in the studio for Episode 32 to talk about stinky tofu. We caught up with the entrepreneur to find out where he eats and drinks in the city!


Neighborhood of residence:
Bayside, Queens

Favorite restaurant in your hood:
Mama Lee

Favorite spot to grab a drink:
Angel's Share. When it's cold out, you can sit by the window and watch the cars go by, very New York City/romantic.

Most recent/recommended dining out experience:
Congee. It's rare to find good congee outside of HK/Taiwan. I love the comfort it brings, the art of cooking it with a stock, and the time it takes to break down the rice.

What Asian food staple/trend do you want to see more of?
Taiwanese breakfast. In Taiwan, everyone wakes up for Taiwanese breakfast even if you're hungover. I would love to share that experience with Westerners.  

What would be your last meal on earth?
Sausage, egg, and cheese on a roll. Eggs were the first dish I learned how to cook. Everyone can cook an egg but very few can cook it well. I think I make a pretty good egg sandwich, and the classic sausage, egg and cheese on a roll reminds me of growing up in NYC.

Other than stinky tofu, what other funky foods do you get down with?
1000 year old eggs, blood cake and pig intestines, chicken feet, and beef tongue.

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