Episode 40: Sri Rao + The Indian-American Kitchen

Episode 40: Sri Rao + The Indian-American Kitchen

Photo credit: Lisa Vollmer

For our final episode of the season (and year!), we are joined by screenwriter, Sri Rao, to help us learn more about Indian-American recipes, culture, and his new cookbook Bollywood Kitchen: Home-cooked Indian Meals Paired With Unforgettable Bollywood Films.

Aside from working in Hollywood and being one of the few Americans working in Bollywood (India’s movie industry), Sri is a devoted home chef of Indian cuisine. Having grown up in Pennsylvania, both films and food were ways in which he learned about and connected with his Indian heritage.

Food and films are our primary connection to a motherland we never knew.
— Sri Rao, in the introduction of Bollywood Kitchen

Check out Lynda's interview with Sri to learn about his process of introducing the American audience to Bollywood films across different genres through his cookbook, and how he paired a recipe with each movie. They also discuss Indian-American beef dishes, why Asian moms and aunties are the worst at imparting their recipes, and why a lot of Indian musical actors don't actually sing!

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