Quick-fire Q&A: Bin Chen and Andrew Chau of Boba Guys

Bin Chen of Boba Guys joined us in the studio in Episode 6. We caught up with co-founders Bin and Andrew Chau after the recording for a little Feast Meets West Quick-fire Q&A! We're excited to check out some of these spots on our next trip to San Fran.

Bin Chen

  • Neighborhood of residence: Mission District, SF
  • Favorite restaurant in your hood: Rintaro
  • Most recent/Recommended dining out experience: Lazy Bear
  • What Asian food staple/trend do you want to see more of: Japanese curry
  • Your go-to boba drink order: The Soul Maté. Roasted yerba maté with Oatly oat milk, 25% sweet with our housemade almond jelly.

Andrew Chau

  • Neighborhood of residence: SoMa, SF
  • Favorite restaurant in your hood: Garaje
  • Favorite spot to grab a drink: Alchemist
  • Most recent/Recommended dining out experience: Mister Jiu's
  • What Asian food staple/trend do you want to see more of: Burmese food like tea leaf salad, or takoyaki.
  • Your go-to boba drink order: If it's at Boba Guys, I am recently digging the matcha over our taro smoothie. If it's at another place, I love a black milk tea with grass jelly and egg pudding, 50% sweet.