Quick-fire Q&A: Tony Chan of Tim Ho Wan USA

On the last episode of our Winter Season, we sat down with Tony Chan, General Manager of Tim Ho Wan USA, to talk about dim sum and how the world's most affordable Michelin-starred restaurant came to New York. We caught up with Tony after the show to find out where he eats and drinks in the city!

  • Neighborhood of residence: Flushing, Queens
  • Favorite restaurant in your hood: Jongro (Korean BBQ)
  • Favorite spot to grab a drink: Zebra Lounge, Whiskey Tavern (wanna join me?)
  • Most recent/Recommended dining out experience: Sammy's Steakhouse. A hole-in-the-wall place. Great food, great atmosphere - a real NYC experience.
  • What Asian food staple/trend do you want to see more of: Restaurants that serve culturally specific food. Stick to your guns, don't "fusion" it. Serve and prepare it as you would in your homeland.