Quick-fire Q&A: Eddy Buckingham of Chinese Tuxedo

We asked Eddy Buckingham, co-owner of Chinese Tuxedo, where he likes to eat and drink, and what Asian food he wants to see more of. If you haven't heard our interview with Eddy and Chinese Tuxedo Executive Chef, Paul Donnelly, check it out here!

  • Neighborhood of residence: Greenwich Village, Manhattan
  • Favorite restaurant in your hood: King on 6th Ave for a local dinner, and for Chinese I head over to Han Dynasty in the East Village
  • Favorite spot to grab a drink: In the warmer months, one of the street side tables at Dante on MacDougal Street
  • Most recent/Recommended dining out experience: Taking a large party to Ping's on Mott Street in the heart of Chinatown is always a good time. Make sure to ask your server for recommendations from the live fish tank. Their preparations are always on point.
  • What's your favorite dish to cook: Sadly my Manhattan apartment doesn't lend itself to anything more ambitious than takeout. I do enjoy event cooking for large parties when in vacation mode though. Thanksgiving roast is always an annual highlight.
  • What Asian food staple/trend do you want to see more of: Just more accessibility to some of the dishes which might be considered a little bit obtuse here in New York but are staples in towns with a robust Asian dining scene. It's been great to see the proliferation of Vietnamese Pho and really good Dan Dan noodles the last couple of years, but there's still only one or two places in all of Manhattan where one could go for a good Malay Laksa or a Roti Canai. I hope in the future there will be a good Malay joint, a good Thai joint, a good Vietnamese joint, etc. in every neighborhood.