Episode 48: Zai Lai + Taiwanese Breakfast

It's another installment of the #FMWAsianBreakfast series where we explore what different Asian cultures eat in the morning! On Episode 48 of the podcast, we're joined by Chef Edward Huang of Zai Lai–a home-style Taiwanese concept in Columbus Circle.

Lynda and Edward discuss the components that make up a typical delicious, carb-heavy Taiwanese breakfast, as well as the misconceptions of soy milk in the West. Edward then talks about some of the challenges he faced with Zai Lai–going from a popup at Madison Square Eats Market to its permanent home at Turnstyle Market–and why it was totally worth it. He also touches on how the word "homestyle" is quite polarizing, and why there's a new generation in Taiwan that isn't cooking anymore.

As I thought about it, the root word of ‘hospitality’ is actually ‘hospital’. It’s a place of healing and a place of restoration.
— Chef Edward on what inspired him to open Zai Lai