Episode 47: Mr. Bing + Jianbing, The Ultimate Beijing Street Food

Jianbing is an iconic Chinese street food and breakfast food. While having originated in Northern China, it can be found in many Chinese cities today. This savory crepe is made from a batter of wheat, grain, and mung bean flour. It is topped with egg, scallions, cilantro, and crispy goodness like fried wontons or chopped Chinese crullers, and folded up into a rectangular packet.

It may not be a household name in America yet, but Mr. Bing founder Brian Goldberg hopes to change that. In this episode of the Feast Meets West podcast, Brian talks about how he fell in love with jianbing when he studied Chinese in Beijing in the late 1990's, getting a tough lesson about the business of food when he originally launched Mr. Bing in Hong Kong, and how Americans are now keen to have authentic Chinese food.

They didn’t think Americans would be interested in very simple, basic, cheap, and ‘dirty’ street food like [...] jianbing.
— Brian on why Northern Chinese immigrants chose to sell high-end food in America