Episode 52: Ho Foods Beef Noodle Soup

In this episode of the Feast Meets West podcast, we talk about beef noodle soup. No, not pho (though we love pho too)! We sat down with Richard Ho of Ho Foods to discuss Taiwanese beef noodle soup–a hearty bowl of wheat flour noodles in beef broth, with slices of braised beef, often accompanied with suan cai (Chinese sauerkraut), and scallions.

In Episode 52, you'll learn about the regional variations of this noodle soup, Rich's relationship with this dish as a Taiwanese American born in San Gabriel Valley, California, and how Rich looks for the nods of approval from Taiwanese moms eating the dish at Ho Foods.

We also discuss the Asian food scenes in California versus New York, and when do you call a dish "Taiwanese" or "American". You won't want to miss this great conversation and the second last episode of the season!

Beef noodle soup is kind of like pizza in New York City. Every neighborhood has one, and wherever you grow up—I think you gravitate towards that one. ‘That was my favorite place; that’s the best one.’
— Richard Ho on why there isn't one version of the dish that will please everyone