Episode 51: Yunnan Mixian + South Of The Clouds

The name "Yunnan" may not ring a bell for most Americans, but foodies all over China and Hong Kong know this Chinese province for its delicious cuisine, as well as its beautiful landscapes and ethnic minority cultures. Oh, and Vogue thinks it's about to sweep the U.S. too.

In the spirit of this heavily Chinese season of the Feast Meets West podcast, we discuss Yunnan culture and cuisine with Chef & Owner Liheng Geng of Greenwich Village's South of the Clouds. In particular, we talk about one of the most famous dishes in Yunnan cuisine: "crossing the bridge noodles"—a rice noodle soup topped with meat, pickled vegetables, and garnishes.

Listen to this interview to learn more about Liheng's journey to becoming a chef and restaurateur, other aspects of Yunnan cuisine (Chinese cheese!), and the slower, more laid-back lifestyle in this southwestern province of China. 

In my dad’s generation, they were more focused on taste and price. They wanted good taste and cheaper prices. [...] I focus more on taste first and second, service. And also the environment—do people have a comfortable place to enjoy their meal?
— Liheng on the different priorities of Chinese restaurants across different generations