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Episode 52: Ho Foods Beef Noodle Soup

We’re talking about Taiwan’s beef noodle soup in this episode. Richard Ho joins us in the studio and tells us about perfecting the beef noodle soup at his shop Ho Foods. Tune in to learn more about Taiwanese food in America and why Rich compares this hearty noodle soup to NYC pizza!

Episode 51: Yunnan Mixian + South Of The Clouds

We’re talking about a Chinese cuisine we’ve never covered before on Feast Meets West, and that’s Yunnan cuisine. Yunnan is best known for its “crossing the bridge noodles”, which is a soup based rice noodles dish. It’s also the signature dish at the new noodle shop “South of the Clouds” in Greenwich Village. Tune in to hear from Chef & Owner Liheng Geng.

Episode 44: The Hwa Yuan Legacy + OG Sesame Noodles

In this episode of the Feast Meets West podcast, we’re talking about sesame noodles and the family that made it a staple in New York's culinary landscape, helped define Chinese cuisine in the city since the 1960s, and pioneered the craze for fiery Sichuanese.

Chef Chen Lieh Tang and James Tang–son and grandson to the legendary Shorty Tang–joined us in the studio to talk about the popular dish and the return of their restaurant Hwa Yuan on East Broadway.

Episode 5: Andrea Nguyen + The Pho Cookbook

Pho is probably the most iconic Vietnamese dish, and has steadily grown in demand in the last decade to the point that it is catching up to ramen as American foodies’ favorite Asian noodle dish. This week, Lynda and Iris interview Andrea Nguyen, author of The Pho Cookbook, on the fascinating history behind the dish and why it became so popular in the West.

Episode 4: Win Son + Taiwanese Danzi Noodles

Taiwan may have food trends that went international like gua bao and bubble tea, but today, Josh Ku and Chef Trigg Brown of Win Son Restaurant in Bushwick, Brooklyn want to tell you about danzi noodles. This humble snack is widely available in Taiwan, and while it’s not a household name in the States yet, it’s growing in popularity amongst foodies. Tune in to learn about what it is, its history, and why you should be eating it.