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Episode 9: YUJI Ramen + The Evolution of Ramen

Lynda and Iris interview JT Vuong and George Padilla of YUJI Ramen, a restaurant in Williamsburg, Brooklyn with a mission to introduce new variations of Japanese ramen to the United States. They trace the milestones that brought ramen from its origins to its current status as a dish with a cult following, and discuss how ramen will continue to evolve in the international culinary scene.

Episode 7: Esther Choi of mokbar + The Kimchi Boom

This week Lynda and Iris share the pilot episode of Feast Meets West recorded at the HRN studio back in October 2016! They talk to Esther Choi, who is the Chef/Owner of Korean ramen joint mokbar. Check out this very special episode to find out why kimchi is so essential to the Korean people, its health benefits, and why non-Koreans are embracing it now.