Episode 1: Thomas Chen of Tuome + Canton's Answer to BBQ

  The "Pig Out" at Tuome in NYC.

Ever wonder what the pork is in your takeout BBQ pork fried rice? It’s a watered down version of char siu, the most popular variety of Cantonese roast meats. Lynda and Iris talk about what it is, how it makes the perfect lunchbox in Hong Kong, and where char siu has travelled. We interview Thomas Chen, Executive Chef/Owner of Tuome on Cantonese roast meats and how he incorporates it into his contemporary American restaurant’s menu.

This was our very first episode as a LIVE show on Heritage Radio Network. First, Iris explains what Cantonese roast meats are and how they are Canton's answer to barbecue. We, unfortunately, had some technical difficulties from the 5 minute mark until the 8:30 mark, so feel free to skip those few minutes to Lynda's interview with Thomas Chen!

18:18 "It's fatty, it's salty, some of the sauces are sweet--it hits a lot of notes on your palette. It's a long process, an art form." - Chef Thomas Chen on Cantonese roast meats.

Though born in and raised in New York, Thomas grew up in Chinatown in a traditional Chinese family. He talks about how one of his earliest memories was standing on a chair at age five, stir-frying egg and tomato. He followed the path his parents wanted for him by becoming an accountant, but eventually left the white collar world to pursue culinary school. 

Thomas tells us about his big career change, where he worked after culinary school, and how he came to open Tuome, and why he doesn't like the word "fusion" when it comes to cuisine. He tells us more about Cantonese roast meats and how it influenced one of his most popular dishes, the Pig Out.

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