Episode 2: Josh Grinker of Kings County Imperial + Soy Sauce on Tap

Josh Grinker Kings Co Imperial
kings co imperial soy sauce chinese food

These days, soy sauce is found in practically every pantry worldwide. Tune in to learn about one of the world’s oldest condiments, originating from China, and the backbone to so many Asian dishes. Josh Grinker, Co-Owner and Executive Chef of Kings County Imperial in Brooklyn, joins us to chat about their soy sauce on tap, why it tastes different from your bottle of Kikkoman, and how he uses it to make their delicious Chinese food.

First, Lynda tells us about the history of soy sauce, the production process, and the different cultures that use soy sauce. She then interviews Josh on how he fell in love with cooking Chinese food, how Kings Co Imperial makes their own soy sauce, and why having soy sauce on tap is not just for aesthetics. He also talks about the ways to store soy sauce at home and the misconceptions about gluten and soy sauce.

24:01 "The two things you deal with when producing soy sauce are that umami flavor, which is the defining characteristic, but you don't want it to be too salty. And there's always a balancing act going on." - Josh Grinker on the important flavor profiles of soy sauce.

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