Quick-fire Q&A: Shunan Teng of Tea Drunk

The extremely knowledgeable founder/CEO of Tea Drunk, Shunan Teng,  joined us on Episode 29 to teach us the fundamentals of Chinese tea. It was an amazing interview where co-hosts Lynda and Iris, life-long drinkers of Chinese tea, learned so much about the beverage and how to better enjoy it. We reached out to Shunan after the show to see where this tea connoisseur is eating and drinking when she's not at Tea Drunk.

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Neighborhood of residence:
East Village

Favorite restaurant in your hood:

Favorite spot to grab a drink:
Jimmys no. 43

Most recent/recommended dining out experience:
Ladybird on 7th Street

Favorite dish to cook:

What Asian food staple/trend do you want to see more of?
Only a fragmented part of China’s eight cuisines are seen here and even less of regional home cooking.  So all of them!

What would be your last meal on Earth?
A complete meal? I won’t leave without that! Dumplings to start, grilled lamb shoulder with salt, hot paprika, cumin and cilantro as main, soft tofu soup as a side and finish with ice cream topped warm brownie.