Episode 28: Jordan Andino + Filipino Breakfast

Photo credit: Katie Burton

Jordan Andino is the Chef/Owner of Filipino Tacqueria, Flip Sigi (formerly known as 2nd City). He joined us on the first episode of our Fall Season to explain what Filipino breakfast looks like (mmm…longanisa). We also discussed his new restaurant opening, and Cooking Channel show “Late Nite Eats”.

We're back after a month of summer break! Lynda and Iris catch up with each other and talk about what they were up to this summer. Lynda had an epic month full of travel including hiking in Banff National Park in Canada, and catching the total eclipse of the sun in Tennessee. On the opposite side of the spectrum, Iris enjoyed some serious chill time at home, thanks to a hurricane and a typhoon in the same week, and geeked out over the last season of Twin Peaks.

We've covered Philippine cuisine before on Episode 8 with Leah Cohen, but today we focus specifically on what Filipino breakfast looks like. We introduce our guest, Jordan Andino, chef/owner of Flip SigiJordan tells us about his upbringing and how he really started working in the kitchen at the young age of 9 years old, thanks to his father. Here's an amazing photo of Jordan modeling on a cookbook cover as a kid!

Jordan tells us about what he grew up eating for breakfast. Some of his favorite dishes are typical Filipino breakfast dishes like spam, eggs, and, rice; longanisa, eggs, and rice; and a more Southern Filipino breakfast which is a vinegar fish dish. 

Lynda and Jordan talk more about Filipino breakfast, including on how Filipino breakfast tends to be heavier than the average yogurt and granola that is popular in the west, and what exactly the sausage longanisa is.

We then talk about the breakfast-meets-late-night-eats food he serves at his restaurants, as well as the beauty of eating after a night of drinking to cure your hangover in advance. Jordan then tells us about the dream job he has somehow landed--his new Food Network show, "Late Nite Eats"--where he gets to travel North America, get drunk, and eat delicious, late night grub.

27:38 "Western culture is like, "I've had American, I've had Spanish tapas, I've had Chinese." Now what happens if you put all of those in a melting pot and press go? It exists. And that's Filipino cuisine." - Jordan on Filipino cuisine and why North America is starting to embrace it.

Finally, we talk about what's next for Filipino cuisine in North America. As Filipino food is an amalgamation of many already popular cuisines, and a culmination of great flavors, Jordan believes that it only makes sense that this is going to be the next big thing.

We hope you enjoyed another #FMWAsianBreakfast episode. Make sure to check out Jordan's new show. Also, never miss an episode of Feast Meets West by subscribing to us on iTunes or Stitcher!