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Episode 47: Mr. Bing + Jianbing, The Ultimate Beijing Street Food

On this week’s episode, we talk about one of the oldest and most popular street food items in China–jianbing. It’s a crispy and savory crepe packed with delicious flavors, textures, and color.

Brian Goldberg, Founder of Mr. Bing, first fell in love with jianbing when he studied Chinese in Beijing in the late 90s; he bought jianbing everyday outside of his school from a nice lady who made them fresh on the back of a bicycle cart. Learn about this tasty treat and its journey to NYC.

Episode 14: Tim Ho Wan + Michelin-Starred Dim Sum

Tony Chan, General Manager of Tim Ho Wan, joins Lynda and Iris on the show to tell the story of Tim Ho Wan, which is known as the world’s most affordable Michelin-starred restaurant. They talk about the difference between dim sum culture in the East and West, what sets Tim Ho Wan apart, and the future of this traditional Cantonese cuisine.

Episode 10: Chef Yo of Pinto Garden + Thai Breakfast

In Feast Meets West’s first installment of the “Asian Breakfast Series”, Lynda and Iris discuss why Asian breakfast hasn’t quite yet taken off in the US. Chef Yo of seasonal Thai restaurant, Pinto Garden, joins them in the studio to shed some light on what breakfast looks like in Thailand, and to talk about Pinto Garden’s new Thai-inspired brunch menu.