Episode 52: Pinch Chinese + Xiao Long Bao

For the final episode of the Spring 2018 season, we talk to Sean Tang, managing partner for Pinch Chinese. With multiple chefs who previously worked at international Taiwanese chain Din Tai Fung—which specializes in xiao long bao—it's no surprise that this restaurant recently got named the best soup dumpling in New York Magazine’s roundup of best new things to eat in NYC.

Tune in to hear where these dumplings come from, why New Yorkers love them so much, and expert advice on how to eat them and not burn your mouth!

[New Yorkers] like to make things their own. So if you want to make it in New York as a restaurant or really as anyone in the food service industry, you need to see what makes New Yorkers ticks and what we want.
— Sean Tang on why the Pinch Chinese team didn't just open a Din Tai Fung copycat