Lynda and Iris Interview Each Other

We take a break from our regular programming for a very special one-off episode...for the hardcore fans. All three of you. Lynda and Iris take advantage of the fact that they're in the same city, for once, and record a face-to-face episode, over a platter of cheese! 

Instead of talking about a specific Asian food or releasing a full-length interview, Lynda and Iris interview each other on their upbringing in both the East and the West, and how that affected their food habits and palates, and how these changed over the years.

Iris talks about growing up in Hong Kong with Chinese and Belgian parents who didn't cook, while Lynda discusses having parents from Northern China and a mom who cooked Chinese at home but incorporated meals in that they enjoyed from other cultures.

We move on to how we fed ourselves in college. Lynda hated her college meal plan at NYU whereas Iris embraced the Lucky Charms and Taco Bell chicken quesadillas at St. John's. But we both started to learn how to feed ourselves, thanks to roommates' influence. We end the conversation in the present day with what are now our go-to cuisines and meals.

Before we end the show, we do a not-so-quick quickfire session and ask each other ridiculous food questions. Find out Lynda's most recent shameful food experience and what Iris thinks is wrong with Jolibee (Filipino friends, cover your ears!)

Hope you like this special episode. We'd love to hear about how your upbringing shaped your food habits. Drop us a line on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, or email us at Back to regular programming in two weeks!

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