Interview with Matt Le-Khac of An Choi

This week we have another full-length interview for you! This episode is Lynda’s chat with Matt Le-Khac, head chef at An Choi, a Vietnamese eatery in the Lower East Side of New York City. You may have heard him on our episode, “When Life Gives You Baguettes, Make Banh Mi.”

In this interview you won’t just learn about banh mi, but also about how Matt became the head chef at An Choi after pursuing a doctorate in bio-chemistry, why cilantro might not be the right herb to use in your pho, how DJ-ing is like serving food, and the differences between selling Vietnamese food in Vietnam and in New York.

“The heart and soul of Vietnam is in the streets. You have to be siting on the sidewalk. You have to have fifty motorbikes zooming around you, dogs walking up to you, charcoal smell drifting by. And you're sitting, eating, just enjoying it." - Matt on how street food is the essence of Vietnamese cuisine.

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