Episode 45: Tang Hotpot + China's Thousand Year Old Dish

In this sizzling hot Valentine's Day episode, we're talking about spreading the love...with a group of friends and family around hotpot! This thousand-year-old-Chinese "dish" is not only one of the most popular foods in China right now, it's also getting more recognition in New York City. 

Lynda interviews Yu Li, the founder of Tang Hotpot in the Lower East Side, who was inspired by both authentic Sichuan hotpot and New York dining culture. Tang Hotpot reflects the Chengdu style of Sichuan hotpot, as opposed to the Chongqing style, which Yu Li helps us differentiate.

Whether you're a hotpot newbie or a regular, there's something for everyone in this episode. Learn the basics of hotpot if you're totally intimidated by the idea of cooking your own food (there's no wrong way). Seasoned hotpot diner? Yu Li walks us through some pro tips and strategy for the ultimate hotpot experience.

Two years ago, [...] there wasn’t that much tolerance for authentic Chinese flavor. But as we slowly build the business, we see a lot more customers that are actually asking for the stuff we don’t have that they know from China.
— Yu Li on the changing Chinese food scene in the city