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Episode 50: COTE + NYC's First Korean Steakhouse

It’s our 50th episode of the Feast Meets West podcast! We have a fun episode for you covering how the Korean BBQ experience can be elevated and unexpected, and how you can be more mindful and respectful of your meats.

We’re chatting with Simon Kim, owner of COTE, NYC’s first Korean steakhouse, and what Pete Wells of the NYTimes called “the best beef at any Korean BBQ in New York”.

Episode 46: Kimbap Lab + Bibimbap in a Roll

Kimbap is an iconic Korean dish made from cooked rice, and other ingredients that are rolled in a dried sheet of seaweed, cut up and served in bite-size pieces, or as our friends from Kimbap Lab call it–bibimbap in a roll.

Co-founder of Kimbap Lab, Sarah Lee, takes us through her experience with this dish, her mission at Kimbap Lab, introducing sauces to kimbap, making Korean food gluten-free, and more!

Episode 7: Esther Choi of mokbar + The Kimchi Boom

This week Lynda and Iris share the pilot episode of Feast Meets West recorded at the HRN studio back in October 2016! They talk to Esther Choi, who is the Chef/Owner of Korean ramen joint mokbar. Check out this very special episode to find out why kimchi is so essential to the Korean people, its health benefits, and why non-Koreans are embracing it now.

Episode 3: Junghyun Park of Atoboy + All About Banchan

Banchan may not always be the main focus of your meal when you’re at a Korean restaurant, but these small dishes are an essential part of Korean cuisine. Chef Junghyun Park of Atoboy, the popular New Korean restaurant in Flatiron district, sits down with us to talk about banchan. Learn about the different varieties, what makes it so important, and how it influenced the menu at Atoboy.