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Episode 54: The Boom of Chinatown North ft. 886 and Hunan Slurp

The East Village, or should we call it “Chinatown North,” is now flush with Chinese restaurants dedicated to changing the perception of Chinese food in NYC.

To talk about this development is Eric Sze of 886, who is bringing Taiwanese street food culture to New York in a refined way, and Chao Wang and Dong Lu of Hunan Slurp, who are featuring artistically presented Hunan rice noodles and dishes in their contemporary eatery.

Episode 52: Ho Foods Beef Noodle Soup

We’re talking about Taiwan’s beef noodle soup in this episode. Richard Ho joins us in the studio and tells us about perfecting the beef noodle soup at his shop Ho Foods. Tune in to learn more about Taiwanese food in America and why Rich compares this hearty noodle soup to NYC pizza!

Episode 32: Carson Yiu + Stinky Tofu

This week we switch gears and talk about an Asian dish that gets almost no love in the west – stinky tofu! Carson Yiu, founder of Outer Borough, joins us in the studio to talk about this Taiwanese and Hong Kong street food, what makes it stinky and delicious, and how it’s breaking into the NYC food scene. You’ll also hear from Jowett Yu, chef of Ho Lee Fook in Hong Kong.

Episode 6: Bin Chen of Boba Guys + Better Bubble Tea

Originating in Taiwan in the 1980’s, boba or bubble tea has been an international hit, but this new beverage is still evolving. Joining Lynda and Iris in the studio is Bin Chen, co-founder of the extremely popular Boba Guys. Boba Guys opened their first store in San Francisco in 2013. Today, they have 4 locations in SF, 1 in NYC–with another opening this month in Greenwich Village. Tune in to learn the brief but interesting history of this drink, why it’s so big in the West, and what people like Boba Guys are doing to make it even better.

Episode 4: Win Son + Taiwanese Danzi Noodles

Taiwan may have food trends that went international like gua bao and bubble tea, but today, Josh Ku and Chef Trigg Brown of Win Son Restaurant in Bushwick, Brooklyn want to tell you about danzi noodles. This humble snack is widely available in Taiwan, and while it’s not a household name in the States yet, it’s growing in popularity amongst foodies. Tune in to learn about what it is, its history, and why you should be eating it.